Nursery ABC's?

I haven't put too much thought yet into what the nursery might look like, but I stumbled upon this poster and think it might need to live on Willanor's* wall.

*Willanor: the temporary name we use for Baby S. It's a mix of William and Eleanor that has caught on in our everyday speech (example = when Doug would see me puking for the third time in a day, "Hey, Willanor, give your mom a break!"), even though we haven't settled on definite boy and girl names. But, it is funny to see people try to politely react when they think this will be our firstborn's real name.


Monnica said…
unisex, educational bent, includes your orange hue and very cute - why wouldn't you get it : )
Jen said…
I definately prefer Willanor to Doucilly, which might be your "couple name" if you were both famous actors, ala' "Brangelina". Congrats by the way. And I know whatever you do for a nursery will be so chic and beautiful it will put all my nuseries to shame!