Back to Work

Who could have predicted my first full day back in the office would correspond with the White Death moving across Cincinnati during rush hour traffic? I sat in gridlock traffic one maddening mile away from my destination, sobbing to Doug on the phone about how I was the worst mother in the world for not being able to reach my son. (And, yes, I considered leaving the car and walking, but figured my plan would fall apart once I needed to return to said car with Will in order to get home.)

Doug assured me that everyone was in the same situation and that I just needed to be patient. Upon finally reaching the daycare (just after 6pm), I ran inside with a face full of tears, ready to see all of the other parents rushing in late from the storm to pick up their children as well. No such thing. Will was the last child in a nearly empty building and it might be one of my most heart-breaking moments to date. The next time I see a snowflake at work, I am leaving immediately.


shaySL said…
You'll have to race Wilmot for the door.