Ice, Ice, Baby

The last wind storm that swept through Cincy led to a couple days without power and a complete purging of our refrigerator and freezer. So, when the winds whipped up again this week and our lights flickered off as we went to bed, I sat upright with a terrible realization -- if our freezer didn't stay cold, I would have to toss all the milk I have been painstakingly pumping and storing for months to make sure Will has enough bottles for daycare.

Sensing the frantic tone in my voice, Doug wordlessly pulled on clothes, headed out to the gas station and returned with 60 lbs. of bagged ice, all the while earning the title of Best Husband Ever. Our power returned 15 minutes after we finished stocking the coolers.


mom sears said…
Isn't it amazing how becoming a parent changes a man!!! Proud of you Doug!! Mom