Breakfast on the go (part II)

My second, and often preferred, breakfast option is a fruit and protein smoothie.

Breakfast Smoothies
Frozen banana chunks (I buy a large bunch of bananas, cut them into quarters, and keep them in the freezer)
Frozen blueberries or peaches
Fat-free plain or vanilla yogurt (I buy a big tub and it lasts a couple weeks)
Vanilla whey protein powder (again, I like Whole Foods 365 brand. Chocolate could also be yummy.)
Skim milk

Amounts always vary, and I'm sure I'll try different fruits depending on the season. I just dump everything into the blender, puree until smooth, pour into a large cup and I'm out the door. The frozen fruit is key, because it keeps the smoothie thick and cold without having to add ice. The extra 2 minutes it takes to make this is so much better than grabbing a slim fast or other packaged drink (and nutritionally less scary, too!).