On vaccinations...

Recently I've had several people ask my opinion regarding childhood vaccinations. After some research on the matter, my stance is simply this: I wholeheartedly support Will receiving the vaccinations our doctor recommends.

As for people that refuse vaccinations solely based on a belief that immunizations and autism could be linked, I am personally offended that the thought of living with a child with autism is more terrifying to them than the thought of their child dying from a preventable disease. (Disclosure: Many readers of this blog know that my brother has special needs and his condition falls under the umbrella of autism.)

I could go on, but Heather's entry at dooce captures many of my feelings on the matter in a much more eloquent way. If you have a young child and are debating the merits of vaccination, I recommend considering her arguments. A snippet follows:

That our children do not have to fear death from diseases like measles or polio or whooping cough is a miracle made possible by modern technology and science. And I guess the crux of this really complex problem for me is that as the number of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children increases so does the likelihood that these diseases will become a problem again. If you've decided that the risks are too great to vaccinate your child then you are counting on the rest of us who are willing to take those risks to decrease the chances that your child will be exposed to these diseases. You are counting on us. Maybe what I don't understand (in reference to my statement in the video) is the act of and willingness to give up that control. The choice to refuse vaccinations just seems to me to be a first world luxury.


shaySL said…
Good for you. We all need to realize how lucky we are. And by the way that goes for continuing the Sears family economic stimulus package -- Sharon has begun the stream of workmen at our place to do her part. Or maybe she just likes the parade of men. Either way, she's helping the country somehow.
Page Mc-H said…
As an occupational therapist who works with kids with autism and similar disorders...and as a future mom (bun currently in oven), I wholeheartedly support the use of vaccines as there has been research done trying to link autism to vaccinations with no definitive proof. However, one glance at 3rd world countries without healthcare show what can happen when children are not vaccinated.

I have a revised vaccination schedule that we will use which still inoculates the baby against preventable diseases but does so over several doctors visits. It's a little bit more labor intensive getting to the doctor, however I feel strongly that not vaccinating a baby is negligent. It's not an all or nothing issue!

That's all...I'll get off my soapbox now :)