All the sisters have the same favorite coffee mug at our parents' house in Indy. When two or more of us are visiting overnight, it is an unspoken (and silly) rule that whoever gets up first claims the prized mug for the day (and lightly taunts those who missed out). Mom is putting an end to our competitive game, however, with her recent acquisition of three more Louisville Stoneware mugs. I still call dibs on the flowered one, though. Good luck, Kendall.


Monnica said…
More often than not, my successful acquisition of the flowered mug was a result of my early-rising children rather than a calcuated act of forging sleep to secure the mug. But that didn't stop me from taunting my sisters, just a bit.

What a treat, Mom. I like that whale pattern.
Kendall said…
More stoneware mugs? I thought this day would never come!
repeatdvd said…
It's a calculated bribe hoping that my girls will come to visit more often!!
xoxo, mom