House for Sale

It's official. After much thought (any many, many projects), we have decided to put our house on the market. We have loved living here; the convenience of our location can't be beat, and the house is finally renovated to a really comfortable point. But, we're ready for a larger yard (Oakley won't know what to do with herself!) and are eyeing school districts for Will.

I got a little teary when Doug put the sign in the yard tonight. It will be sad to leave a house that holds so many memories (not to mention countless hours of sweat equity), and I'm nervous that we don't really have a place in mind to go ... but I think we're ready. So, if you know of anyone who would like a good home in Oakley, please send them our way. I'm going to start drinking Pepto now to head off the ulcer I'm sure I will develop along the way.


repeatdvd said…
Great photos of your house Ceci - shows well!!
Good luck,
xoxo, mom