The Cake

I consider myself a fairly decent cook, but openly admit baking is not my forte. However, for Will's first birthday, I was determined to turn out a noteworthy cake. After some thought, I settled on Smitten Kitchen's triple-layer sour cream-chocolate cake with peanut butter* frosting.

After a morning** of careful measuring, mixing and baking, I declared success! And, yes, the cake is as delicious as the name sounds. Of course, when Will took a bite, he promptly gagged, spit it out and requested more pizza. Obviously this is not my child.


* Yes, I realized only as I was mixing it that infants shouldn't eat peanut butter. Oops. So, I reserved some frosting before adding the peanut butter and used it to top Will's individual cupcake. Crisis averted.

** Early morning start required in case of culinary failure, ensuring time to purchase a back-up cake from the local bakery.


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