Project Nightstands

When we moved into the new house, we gained an extra bedroom, and a new (finally!) king-sized bed. Our old master bedroom furniture landed in the guest room, and with our long list of projects to tackle, purchasing new master bedroom furniture just hasn't been a priority. But, I find nightstands to be a necessity, so I searched for an inexpensive fix to tide us over. Inspired by this post, I got to work and we now have these lovely pieces flanking the bed.

And here's the rough breakdown on cost:
Ikea Rast 3-Drawer Chests (2 @ $39.99 each) = $80.00
Foam Brushes = $2.00
Dark Wood Stain = $4.50
Polyurethane = $12.00
Quart Soft White Semigloss Paint = $6.00
12 Drawer Pulls (my splurge for 12 @ $3.73 each) = $50.00
Leftover wrapping paper to line the drawers = free
Grand Total = $104.50


repeatdvd said…
Can't wait to eye them in person should have your own show!!