Before and After: Will's Bedroom

After touring the house, I knew that Will's bedroom would be number one on our makeover list. (Note: all before photos are from the original listing.)

Before: a super-pink, super-girly room.

After: We kept nearly all of the same elements from Will's original nursery...and just spread them out a bit with the extra space the new room afforded. The mirrored closet doors are still intact until I figure out how I'd like to replace them. Ditto with the miniblinds. And, the brown wall above his crib could use some decoration, but the boy has become pretty crafty when he wakes up, so for now, a bare area is the safest bet.


slogan6929 said…
No one knows how to pull it all together like you. My wife has begun a new paint search for the family room -- aggggggh.