On sizes

Dear Old Navy,

I know we aren't always close, but when I needed an intermediate pair of maternity jeans, you really came through. And not only that, you made my week.

In the dressing room, as I tried on the size 8 skinny jeans to be safe, I was shocked to find they were baggy. Hmmm, maybe I needed to go down a size...then another...then another...until size insanity set in. Yes, that was me walking to the checkout with size 2 prego jeans and a beaming smile.

I haven't been a size 2 since...that's right, ever. And, please don't ruin my fun by explaining that Old Navy runs incredibly huge, or that maternity sizes have their own unique scale where one digit is dropped, or the numbers are calculated in thirds. All I know is that, despite my growing midsection and widening thighs, I'm wondering around in my own world of imagined slimness this week, thanks to that tiny label. It is a nice break from reality. My regards to your maternity sizing team; well done.


slogan6929 said…
Here's the difference between men and women: We get madder and madder as we try on 3 things to get the right fit. You take it as a compliment. Weird.