I'm in Boston for business and woke up early to grab some breakfast across the street from my hotel. The man at the bagel counter takes one look at my belly and asks when the baby is arriving.

Me: "Not until August."
Him: "Wow, that's a while. It looks like the baby is ready to come now."
Me: Smile and shrug shoulders.
Him: "Are you sure it's not twins?"
Me: "Yes, just one."
Him: "Wow."

Good thing I don't have these boosts to my self esteem every morning.


runnergrrrl said…
I have been AMAZED at how RUDE people are about that! The secretary at the front desk likes to comment like that on my appearance every morning. I'm sure you look BEAUTIFUL. Obviously that guy was on something.
slogan6929 said…
I'm just so glad I haven't said anything like this (yet). Ya gotta love the East Coast!