R.I.P. Mr. Dorothy

Will brought home a goldfish from his cousin's birthday party a couple months ago, and Mr. Dorothy* had been growing steadily ever since in a bowl on top of Will's dresser.

The other night as we are putting Will to bed, Doug looks at me and whispers, "Where is the fish?"

What?! The bowl is just water and a few rocks. We look all around and finally find a lifeless Mr. Dorothy on the carpet. The water level is higher than normal, so my guess is that the fish somehow flipped himself out. Doug suspects foul play by Napoleon. Amazingly, Will doesn't seem to notice for a few days, and then happily accepts that Mr. Dorothy has joined fish heaven. I hope all our pet passings go this smoothly.

* The name has a few explanations. Dorothy is the goldfish on Elmo's world, which was also the theme of the party. And Will has a tendency to call all things "mister" (mr. sun, mr. worm, etc.), but his friend Alex also has a fish named Mr. Janet. Take your pick.