The Sears household is rapidly expanding, and not in the way one might think. Will's imagination has produced not one, but four(!), make-believe friends recently.

I kept overhearing Will engaging in earnest conversations (by himself), and finally asked who he was talking to.

"Right now I'm just talking to Bing and Balancho, Mommy."
"Of course. And where are they, Will?"
"Oh, they're right here." (holding out his arms towards me)

Apparently Bing and Balancho are his right and left hands, and Ping and Palancho are his left and right feet, respectively. I have no idea where he came up with the names. We are wondering if Balancho and Palancho possibly hail from European descent?

Bing is a bit of an instigator, often ignoring Balancho's requests to leave certain toys alone. Flailing finger fights and clapping can ensue. Ping and Palancho are relatively quiet, unless there is a dance party or light-up shoes involved. They are a lively group, often chatting, sometimes creating mischief, but always amusing.


KarenE said…
Athena had many many imaginary friends and pets. Napkin, was, I think Patrick's and my favorite imaginary friend. I should have told you imaginary friends were coming as I keep telling you, those two are like peas in a pod. ;)
carrie said…
I had 2 imaginary friends too -- Bebe and Gaga. Bebe was a bit of an instigator too. Even locked me out of my bedroom once. They eventually moved to California to live with the rest of their family. Not sure what became of them though...