DIY paper wedding flowers

When Kendall first floated the idea of paper flowers by me, I wasn't on board. There is just something about fresh flowers that I love, and assembling bouquets for my own wedding had been one of my favorite projects. But, once I got an idea of her vision, I was sold.

A little google, a little Pinterest, some advice from Drew, and a trial run later, we were ready to go. With a few helpers, we knocked out all of the bouquets and centerpieces in one weekend. Some advantages to paper flowers? They are relatively inexpensive, can be assembled ahead of time, transport easily, and aren't subject to wilting. Plus, with a reception at Krohn Conservatory, we were still surrounded by thousands of real flowers.

Using this tutorial as a guide, we cut squares of papers, drew a spiral shape, cut along the lines, rolled tightly, and secured with a drop of hot glue. Add stamens and a wire base (both available at craft stores) and you're in business. Using very slightly different shades of a color helps to add depth to the bouquet.


kendall said…
Could not have done this without the assistance of my super-crafty family... making those flowers is still one of my favorite wedding memories :)