Basement DIY: Painted Curtains

Our largest house project to date has been the complete finishing of the basement. We started with a completely blank slate and added a few living spaces, a full bathroom, and designated a quarter to remain as storage. Our major DIY days may be behind us with the addition of toddlers (we used a contractor for all the major work), but we still managed to fit in a few personal touches here and there. With the large majority of the budget going to construction, creative choices in decorating were a necessity.

We are lucky to have several windows along one wall that let in huge amounts of light. For window treatments, I settled on painting some plain white Ikea curtains in a yellow chevron pattern, following a range of online inspiration like this and this. Who knew that latex paint could transform the fabric so easily? Just be sure to tape well and press firmly when rolling on the paint coverage.


Diana said…
What are the measurements of the 3 curtains? In between each window is that 1 panel or 2? I have 2 windows similar to your 3 and I can't decide if I should use 3 equal panels (2 on the end and 1 in the middle) or 4. Thanks!!