Weekly Meal Plan

I've mentioned before that I cook nearly every night of the week, and I accomplish this by putting time into meal planning. Our routine has changed slightly, as Will and I hit the grocery store on Friday mornings now (I'm on a four-day work week), but it's been working wonders for my health and sanity since early 2008. Kendall often asks me to share my old plans for ideas, so from now on, when I remember(!), I'll go ahead and post our weekly menu and maybe a follow up recipe.


Christa said…
Cec - thank you so much for this! I've often wondered how you manage to work full time and cook each night with a little one at home - and do it with what appears to be such ease. You are the super mom! I too have a 4 day work week and a newly discovered desire to cook healthy meals at home (so much easier to eat at home with a little one), so I'll be following your updates regularly!
Cecilly said…
Thanks, Christa, you're sweet! The key is being organized and choosing meals that can be put together in 30 minutes or less. Also, I prep as many ingredients or meals for the week as I can on Sunday (for instance, the way to serve lasagna on a Monday night is to make it the day before).

I think you'll find that once you get into a routine, it's not as difficult as it seems. Plus, I should mention that I'm not always successful -- if traffic was horrible, or if I'm just not feeling up to it, there are always standbys like a frozen pizza or the ever-popular breakfast dinner to fall back on, and that night's planned meal simply gets moved to another time.

Let me know how it goes!